2012 Yılından bu yana İstanbul Tuzla Organize Sanayi Bölgesinde bulunan 3.000 metrekarelik Tesisinde faaliyetlerine devam eden Arion İlaç, kurulduğu günden bu güne, yerli ve uluslararası önemli firmalara fason üretim ve laboratuar hizmetleri vermekte, üretimini yaptığı geniş ürün gamında farklı formlar dahilinde hayvan sağlığı ürünleri ile Veteriner hekimlere ve ülkemiz hayvancılık sektörüne katkı sağlamaktadır.

In 2016, Arion Pharmaceuticals started its Feed Additive Production Facility in its new facility of 1,500 square meters in Istanbul Tuzla Organized Industrial Zone and has Oral Liquid, Powder and Tablet production lines and provides contract manufacturing services to important domestic and international companies. In the same year, Arion Pharmaceuticals Representative Pharmaceutical Warehouse with 4,000 pallets was opened and started to serve the sector.

In 2017, Arion Pharmaceuticals R&D Center was established and received the title of R&D Center from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. It became the first company to have an R&D Center producing only Veterinary Medicines. It carries out joint projects with distinguished Universities in our country and has brought many new products to the sector so far.
While Arion continuously improves its service quality, it renews its production processes and management practices in an institutional way in order to increase its market share and maintain its competitive position. Arion Pharmaceuticals has been serving in the animal health sector since 2012, with the aim of “healthy animals, healthy future” and with the sense of responsibility it undertakes. The place it has reached in the sector, the reputation it has gained and the trust it has created are an indication that it has achieved its goals.